martes, 11 de marzo de 2008

Mike Orduña

"I believe that nowadays there are more artists who (like myself) initially found great inspiration in graffiti art and have taken those disciplines and applied them in new ways thanks to new media, photoshop, illy and the web. These artists are branching out with these new tools and inspiring someone who may not have been exposed to this element first had.

Graffiti has long been the step-child of the art scene, the art worlds back-alley & dirty little secret, it's great to see it less frowned upon world-wide as more people help educate on the stigma that sometimes clouds one's perception. I believe that graffiti art is probably the only known aggressive, competitive form of artwork. Where you constantly push yourself to be better than the best. It's the art-form that coined the phrase "toy" for those considered whack.

I sometimes apply this aggression in how I work, I try to push myself always, and with what I can see, other artists share the same emotion and are making graffiti culture really relevant in any art scene that exists today, believe that."

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